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They are back at last! Our own prop builder used to make these for us fifteen years ago. When he retired we struggled to find anyone who could make them to the same standard. We have now found a local craftsman who is able to make them to the high standard we require. In effect the magician displays a small wooden box. The box is opened and a coin can be seen inside. The box is passed to a spectator and they are asked to remove the coin. Try as they may they cannot open the box. The magician retrieves the box and opens the box instantly! the open box is handed back to the spectator for them to they cannot close the box!! This is a great ice breaker and loads of fun, very easy to do.....when you know the secret.

Jackpot Cards by Mark Lee

The magician tells a story about a visit to a casino and his experience playing the bandit. He explains his streak of bad luck and how he searched through his pockets for a coin to feed the machine. This action is illustrated with full colour cards with pockets printed on them. As the magician counts through the four cards a coin appears among the pockets, this coin card is shown both sides and placed onto the table. Miming the action of dropping the coin in the bandit and pulling the arm the magician is unlucky. He runs through his pockets again and another coin appears, he tries again but, still no luck. Once more he produces a coin from the pockets and this time his luck is in. He snaps the card in his hand and reveals the word JACKPOT boldly printed right across the card! The three coin cards resting on the table are turned up to now reveal CHERRYS making a winning line! Easy to do, custom printed cards, instant resetription.

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